Sound Talk SLT is very proud to share this feedback from a range of school staff. Unless dated otherwise, these testimonials are just a few examples collected through ‘Have Your Say’ surveys to two mainstream primary schools in 2020.

I can’t comprehend being a SENDCo without a speech therapist on board, and I can’t imagine any speech therapist better than Rachael. She is skilled, efficient and highly proactive; she is warm and wonderful with everyone. As well as the direct work she does so brilliantly with children, families and colleagues; she is able to advise me on next steps and who else we need to involve for each child. Rachael can and does make onward health referrals, liaising with teaching staff and families in order to do so. This makes my job so much more manageable. Rachael’s reports are positive, sensitively written and directly helpful. She seeks out teaching staff and TAs to make sure everyone is informed and that all recommendations, interventions and strategies are put in place. Rachael is quite simply a consummate professional and a brilliant person to have on our team. Thankyou Rachael - please never leave me!

Deputy Head Teacher/Special Educational Needs & Disability Coordinator (May 2022)

I can see massive improvement with the pupils I work with from using the tools that are provided.

1:1 support staff

Pupils’ needs are being met. Children are assessed within a good time frame. Staff have access to an expert, to ask questions. Staff delivering programmes to individuals can ask questions about these and get support with the delivery, rather than a programme being sent through and us just hoping it works and we’re doing it right. Resources are clear and supportive. Information received is clear and concise. Reports are thorough but not overwhelming. Parents also receive support and an understanding, meaning school and home can work together on supporting the pupil. It’s great that you’re on hand to answer questions and provide support, are flexible with what you do and are happy to share your expertise.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator/Inclusion Manager

This has really helped the children in my class and I have seen their skills and confidence grow as a result of the sessions planned by SLT. Staff have also enjoyed delivering them as they can see the benefits.

Class Teacher

Thank you for being so great with all staff and families and children. You are very clear and concise and considerate when sharing information and it is very much appreciated.

Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion

Rachael is lovely, friendly and approachable. She is always happy to explain what she needs me to do with the child concerned.

Teaching Assistant

When Rachael speaks to me regarding the child/programme involved she doesn’t use ‘jargon’ she explains everything clearly.

Teaching Assistant

I feel more knowledgeable about how to support children with SLT needs and the help they get is much more targeted.

Class Teacher

It has made me more aware of how to work with the children to meet their needs. The children have progressed in all areas as a result.

Trainee Teacher

As a member of staff, it is wonderful to watch the children be able to start to engage and, in some cases, make themselves understood. It makes my interaction with the child/ren easier and a more positive experience for all involved.

Teaching Assistant

Rachael has contributed to staff training through our team meetings. She is very supportive and shares her knowledge and experience with us.

Foundation Stage Manager

Through working with Rachael, I have developed my knowledge and understanding of speech and language difficulties and strategies, which has led to changes in my teaching practices. Children are more confident to ask for help and to articulate their learning and ideas.

SEN Teacher

The child involved had improved when Rachael re-assessed him. I felt more confident to carry out the SLT Programme.

Teaching Assistant

The pupils gain confidence because of new skills learnt. They are then more able and, in some cases, more willing to join in with classroom activities as they have been given the tools that they specifically need.

Teaching Assistant

Each session was timetabled to ensure a good balance of activities and focus on different elements of the service (good eyes, good hands, good beginnings, good listening etc.) It enabled the children to learn through numerous games/activities. It was great to see the children learning in such a way; not even really realising how much they were absorbing through each game/activity. I have learned more about the language and expressions I can use with the children and how certain phrases and ways of speaking garner a particular reaction. I have truly enjoyed every element of this service and feel better equipped to handle everyday situations with the children at school.

Teaching Assistant, December 2016