Sound Talk SLT is very proud to share this feedback from families. These testimonials were provided by families who funded assessment and therapy between 2015 and 2017.

"His vocabulary improved, as did his confidence" Mum of D, age 6

Rachael was excellent with our son, and he absolutely loved working with Rachael. Communication was always clear and Rachael always had time for discussions after sessions. Sessions were clear, well prepared and focused on the needs of our son.

Our son gained more confidence in his speech, and he very much enjoyed the sessions. They were accessible for him and went at the right pace. His vocabulary improved as did his confidence in asking for help and asking questions around speech, emotions and ways of phrasing and using language.

It was good to understand the issues our son faced in more detail, to understand a range of strategies we could use at home and be able to focus specific learning targets with him.

"I would definitely recommend Rachael Tuckley of Sound Talk SLT to other families" Mum of Z, age 5

We met Rachael when my son was 4 years old. He received speech therapy until the age of 5½. Rachael is a very skilled speech therapist. My son made remarkable progress in the time period that he was receiving therapy. My son had focus issues as well as low receptive and expressive language. Through therapy we were able to overcome these speech issues. It was always a delight to listen to her well planned, resourceful sessions. My son always looked forward to her sessions, as to him, it was a fun activity and a day when he would get lots of rewards. As I watched her with my son, I learnt how she made him understand without making it monotonous and it never felt like therapy. I was very impressed with all her methods and how each session was different and catered to the current issue that my son was facing; be it first day of school or getting a haircut. Rachael helped make all these transitions for my son very smooth. In addition to all this, I benefited greatly. She was always patient in explaining the goals to me, sending me material and printouts on what she planned to do in the upcoming sessions. As a result of this, my son has started talking and is very comfortable with initiating conversation with his peers, something which always daunted him. I would definitely recommend Rachael Tuckley of Sound Talk SLT to other families. She is indeed very competent and expert in her field.

"He’s so much more verbal" Mum of M, age 4

He’s changed so much, he’s so much more verbal. It’s good that we found the activities that helped him to tune in. He sees it as fun. It made me change how I was interacting with him, for example using single words. I can get his attention for a longer time now. I’ve kept the handwritten sheets as a reminder of how I can do things with him.

"A highly tailored and personalised service" Dad of K, age 4

After carefully listening to our concerns and completing an assessment, Rachael has provided a highly tailored and personalised service, which has proved immensely beneficial to us all. She also listened and engaged with the entire family throughout the time she has spent with us and, at certain points, used our feedback to guide and alter her goals and associated therapy to ensure maximum benefit within the available timescales. Having used both the NHS provision and the services of Soundtalk, the advantage of the time we have spent engaged with Soundtalk is undoubtedly the personalised aspect of the service provision and the progress we have seen as a result of this.

"Honest, upfront and realistic" Dad of C, age 6

Rachael was recommended to us by a friend. From the first contact she was honest and upfront, never raising our expectations beyond a realistic outcome. Rachael was totally professional and gave a truly tailored service to meet the needs of our daughter. She was always accommodating to our time table and did her best to fit us in to suit us and our daughter’s school time table. But most of all she made our daughter feel completely at ease with her friendly smiley approach.

Rachael was constantly looking at new approaches and her knowledge and expertise were evident all the time. Our daughter was also seeing a therapist with regards anxiety. Rachael also spoke to this therapist so that she received a dual approach. Her sessions not only focused on our daughter but the whole family, seeing us all individually and giving us all different strategies, even to our other daughter. Our daughter looked forward to her sessions and kept a little file with all her work in. She would revisit it between sessions and insisted on homework as well. When the sessions were coming to an end she would do her best to keep it going for as long as possible.

Our daughter gained an understanding and acceptance of her stammer, which in turn help her own it. She now talks a lot clearer and though she will probably always stammer she is not worried about it and therefore stammers less. Being year 1 she has been given strategies that she understands and therefore strategies that she can implement and succeed with! They have become part of her everyday communication. Rachael also spoke directly with our daughter’s school so that they got information on the latest strategies first hand.

We gained a greater understanding of stammering, and strategies to help our daughter become a more effective communicator. I have already recommended Rachael to other friends and my wife works in education and has recommended her in school.

"Dedicated, professional and friendly" Mum of R, age 3

Rachael has been absolutely fantastic - she is dedicated, professional, friendly and wonderfully inventive in suggesting ways we can support our son. She always takes time to explain to us her assessments and how she is going to support us to support our son. The initial assessment was extremely comprehensive and wonderfully reassuring in offering positive and practical ways to support our son. The handouts are detailed with clear objectives. It is also great that she takes the time to talk to our son's nursery to help them support our son. But above all this, we have absolutely loved the games and books Rachael invented and created to support our son's speech development - and he loves them as well and frequently asks to read them!

"Notable improvement" Mum of I, age 4 and a half

We’ve seen notable improvement in speech 'problem areas' week on week. She found the sessions fun and looked forward to them!

"Her speech has already improved…" Mum of S, age 4

Very warm, well worked-out sessions, adjusted to S’s special requirements, very personalised. My daughter felt secure and comfortable. She easily joined in with the tasks. Her speech has already improved during the 12 therapy sessions. I was always included and informed. Everything was well explained. I learnt a lot about speech and its development. I got material to work with my daughter.