What is Telehealth?

The first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK started on 16th March 2020.

Within a week, Sound Talk SLT embraced the opportunity and adapted from in-person services to virtual services.

Most schools, children and families were still able to access life-changing SLT support during lockdowns, through telehealth.

Telehealth is the remote provision of healthcare services using technology. The method of delivery is a little different, but the aims are the same.

Thankfully, the lockdowns are now over. However, when appropriate, Sound Talk SLT strives to continue to use telehealth and digital technology to support effective service delivery, such as:

  • offering online or phone appointments with families, such as taking a case history with parent/carer, or feedback meetings
  • attending planning or review meetings with school staff virtually
  • remote assessments
  • providing online workshops and bespoke training for families and school staff
  • digital record keeping (Sound Talk SLT uses WriteUpp)
  • use of age appropriate apps for positive reinforcement, qualitative assessment, stimuli for therapy and home practice

Parent/carer consent is always sought before considering telehealth. Before starting, we discuss with schools and families how effective this approach may be for the pupil. This is because every pupil is different and what works for one pupil may not work for another. We monitor the effectiveness of telehealth sessions on a session by session basis by using our specialist clinical skills and through discussion with schools and families. A parent/carer/member of school staff must be present during a telehealth session with a pupil.

Speech and Language Therapists have a responsibility to ensure telehealth sessions are of the same quality and client satisfaction as face-to-face sessions. Telehealth sessions cost the same as in-person sessions.

Take a look here for a snapshot of the evidence base.

Get in touch using the contact page if you’d like to ask anything, or think this approach may help your pupils or families.