Are you looking to commission speech and language support for pupils in your school or nursery? Do you need a one-off assessment and report/recommendations for a pupil? Perhaps you are looking for regular therapy for a pupil/s with Developmental Language Disorder, following a diagnosis. Or maybe you’d like some support to set up and deliver speaking and listening interventions to meet the needs of lots of pupils.

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With 10% of children having long term speech, language and communication needs (about 3 in every classroom, ICAN Impact Report 2016), the demand on speech and language therapy services, schools and nurseries is high. The right support can make a huge difference.

Sound Talk SLT can provide a range of high quality services at competitive prices.

Take a look below at what we can offer and read testimonials from schools that we have worked with.

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Assessment of the pupil’s speech, language and communication development is the key to identifying their strengths, needs and make accurate conclusions and recommendations. A good assessment will also identify what strategies are already in place and indicate what else might help. Assessment is likely to consist of:

  • Initial appointment with parent/carer
  • Formal and/or qualitative assessment
  • Classroom observation
  • Meeting with teachers
  • Summary report and recommendations

Please be aware that it may take between 4-6 hours to complete this work depending on the complexity of the pupil’s communication needs.


Therapy can be delivered on a 1:1 or in a small group, depending on recommendations of the SLT and recent assessment. This can be provided for children with a range of speech, language and communication needs either at targeted or specialist level. This includes close liaison with the pupil’s Parent/Carer, Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant, as appropriate.

Groups are usually delivered jointly with Teaching Assistants, to enable maximum carry-over to the classroom. Groups may target:

  • Attention and Listening skills
  • Social Skills
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Vocabulary
  • Narrative Language

Bespoke Training

Bespoke training can be provided in small or large groups and is based on the needs of your teachers and practitioners, such as typical speech and language development, attention and listening, vocabulary, bilingualism, visuals, DLD, phonology and stammering. Whether you need a whole day, a twilight session or a series of sessions to support your team, Sound Talk can provide a personalised approach, with practical follow up to ensure sustainability.

Communication Friendly Settings Support

A supportive communication environment can make a significant difference to children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs, for example opportunities for speaking and listening, the physical environment and adult interaction strategies. Get support to audit you environments and jointly plan targets to support the speech and language development of all pupils.


With parent/carer consent, Sound Talk SLT can screen the speech and language development of a large cohort of pupils (for example a whole Reception class), using commercially available screening tools. Alternatively you may wish to have a smaller group of pupils screened because you have some concerns.

Working alongside school staff, speech and language screening will enable you to identify those most at risk of severe and persistent speech and language difficulties and those who might require short term targeted support. By working in collaboration with school staff, your staff will feel more confident to screen pupils in the future without direct SLT involvement.

Parent Workshops and Support

We believe that parents and carers are a child's first and most enduring educators, so working closely with families is key. We will jointly plan and deliver family workshops with you, on a range of topics, such as play for language, wonderful words, speech sound development, talking to support reading. Alternatively, drop in sessions or informal support can be arranged with families to have a friendly chat and share practical tips.

Written Work

Detailed reports, programmes, and communication passports are available depending on what written evidence you need, as well as the needs of pupils.

Attendance at Multi-Agency Meetings

Sound Talk SLT can contribute at multi-agency meetings regarding individual pupils with SLCN, such as Team Around the Child meetings, planning and Annual Review meetings.

Staff Support

  • SLCN Surgeries - teaching staff reserve a time slot with a SLT to seek advice and recommendations regarding speech and language development (once parental consent has been gained)
  • Modelling of SLT programmes
  • Joint goal setting/planning meetings

All prices are inclusive of travel within a 5 mile radius of Heaton Chapel, Stockport. Any additional mileage will be charged at 50p per mile.

Invoices will be provided at the end of each month and should be paid by direct bank transfer within 14 days of invoice being provided.

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